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The Woof Life Show - A Podcast for Dog Lovers

Jul 8, 2019

Welcome to The Woof Life Show - a podcast created for dog lovers, by dog lovers! Hosted by Lauren Farricker.

In this episode, Lauren chats with Christine Hilberg and Lindsay Bird. Christine owns Puka a pup whose smile literally inspired me to want to create my blog Woof Republic. I wrote about Puka here! Christine has recently been fostering Willie Wonka a pup with Carpal Laxity Syndrome. Lindsay Bird is the Co-Founder of Deity Animal Rescue.

We discuss the realities of dog rescue, learn more about the incredible work that rescues do, discuss how to modernize pet rescue, and hear about the pups who inspire us daily. 

Adoption feature on Marshmellow who is a 2 year old Pit/Hound Mix who is looking for her partner in crime. She is loveable, affectionate and she is a Louise just looking for her Thelma. She is up for adoption through Deity Animal Rescue.